Scarlet Runner
Chef Hilary Mace loves and lives for fresh, homemade gourmet meals created with locally sourced seasonal foods. Having made Lancaster County her home, she’s never out of ingredients or choices for the unique menus she creates. While her friends and family rave about her food, the community at large had never even heard of her—so we started from scratch.

SNR Solution:
Sharing her love with the world as The Scarlet Runner, her start-up company, she came to us for help in getting her story told and heard. We counseled her on using social media and having her connections and friends help spread the word about her business. We also developed materials ranging from product labels to a comprehensive website with e-commerce functionality.

Chef Hilary reports she is busier than ever catering weddings and special events at a number of venues. She also has been selected as a preferred caterer for a number of well-known venues and organizations. She is now in the process of having her own commercial kitchen built to improve her ability to prep gourmet meals featuring customized menus for parties of 200+. In a little over a year, The Scarlet Runner went from unknown start-up to preferred caterer with a very full calendar.

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